Wedding Dance

Wedding dances are a wonderful way to add some playfulness to your special day.  

Whether it be something special between the two of you or turn it into a bridal fun affair.

We have choreographers ready to make it happen. Send us an email with your vison!

Hens Burlesque Dance Class

Get the fun started to your Hens Part with a Burlesque Dance Class. Have a blast with the girls and embrace the flirtatious you.

We will supply the feathers and a glass of bubbles on arrival.

Send us an email to find out more! and let the party begin!!

Flash Mob

Flash Mobs are a wonderful surprise on the the unexpecting crowd. Creating spontaneous acts of joy and human connection in public spaces. They are a great way to launch a product, take a company into a viral video campaign.

Email us now for more information!

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